About Us

Karen-MarleyMy name is Karen Gold. LivKids was born when my two-year-old daughter Olivia went into anaphylactic shock after eating a sweet treat. At that moment her whole life flashed before my eyes. All I could think about was how is this little baby going to be able to stay alive if something like this could happen anywhere, at any time, with no warning? I knew that at age two my child was not able to differentiate between the foods she could and couldn’t have. She needed to be protected. She needed to be able to literally wear her allergy “on her sleeve” so that anyone who might innocently expose her to an otherwise common food or snack would be forewarned about her extremely serious condition.

While researching all the options out there, I wasn’t able to find one that spoke to me; one that she could wear every day and wasn’t so big that it would bother her so much that she would want to take off. I also thought that as a growing girl she would start to learn her letters soon and it was important that she understood not only how to spell her name, but to also be able to recognize the word “allergy.” Children love learning, and especially helping one another.

Olivia is four now and she can tell you all about her allergies. We helped her learn about it at a young age, and her beautiful bracelet has helped her get there. Olivia’s friends now help her take care of herself because she was able to empower herself and them. It helps keep her safe when she’s either away from Mom and Dad, at school, on a play date, or even when we’re there but busy (like at a birthday party where it’s not so easy to monitor everything she comes into contact with). Every day that she grows older and is better able to express her allergies to others makes life safer for her and easier for us.

My name is Marley Shelton. I teamed up with Karen after learning that my daughter Ruby is severely allergic to eggs and tree nuts. I was immediately taken with the idea of a protective bracelet that could also be stylish and something a child could be proud of rather then embarrassed by or ashamed of. A symbol that could help them and their peers embrace this part of their identity. We also expanded our bracelet idea to encompass ID bracelets under the same banner of protection and empowerment for all kids – recognizing a need for safety in case a child got lost at an amusement park etc. We hope that you and your children can enjoy these bracelets as much as we have. They are both an empowering safety tool, and beautiful keepsake.